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Principia Discordia

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Anyone ever read this book?  It seems pretty interesting.  I've come to the conclusion it's either so stupid it's smart or it's so smart that it's stupid.   It speaks a lot about the metaphysical abilities of the pineal gland.  A theory I've been interested in for some time now.  Along with metaphysics.  It's a very strange book to say the least.  Written in the 60's.    You can read it for free here but after I read a bit I decided to order the actual book.  The thing I love about this book so far is that while talking about serious things "per-say", it does so in a humourous/ silly way most of the time.   The majority of reviews I've read  about this book were very positive.


Check out the black iron prison link on that page too.  I found so many theories and ideas in there that are very similar to the way I've thought about things for years. 

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Posted 7 years ago, Jan 02, 2012

never read it, but sounds interesting

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