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Prison Pranksters

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These fellows seem to have the RE spirit, take a look at this:

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Posted 10 years ago, Feb 03, 2012

lol, that's wild!

Posted 10 years ago, Feb 03, 2012

I'll bet prison inmates would enjoy this site.

Don't scoff--some of them have access to the internet because they work as those helpful operators who are standing by.  They're waiting for you to call and order Yafa pens or other such bullshit from catalogs, and give them your credit card numbers and shipping information.

Remember, when the state earns a profit from imprisoning its citizens, there's an incentive to imprison more of them.

We did have a member who made eggs about prison life, and how to make pruno, which is prison wine, using toilet water, a bag, some sugar, fruit, and something for yeast.

Posted 10 years ago, Feb 04, 2012

This is awesome. I bet half of the people in prison don't desereve to be in prison (in my opinion). Marijuanna use shouldn't be a prison sentence. ANY drug use shouldn't be a prison sentence.

Where I live (Melbourne, Australia) if you are caught with Marijuanna (under 5 grams - 0.176 ounces) you get a warning the first time you are caught, literally. The second time you are caught you get a fine. If you're caught growing one (dirt) plant you get a $200 fine. Usually the only time you would go to prison would be if you're dealing big time and even then you get less than 4 years.

America has some screwed up laws on drugs but then again has some laws that I like. Heavy sentences for murderers and rapists I like. Over here there are people that get 5 or 6 years for murder. Even 1 or 2 years for murder is seen.

The war on drugs is bullshit IMO.


This prank that was pulled off is pretty cool and reminds me of the coca cola "feel the curves" prank.

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