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my newphew bought an ipod touch off a friend for 100 bucks and it worked until his douche of a step dad kept trying to get into it and now its disabled....we've done everything we can to restore it  but nothing had worked. I don't have a lot of experience with apple shit so I am a bit can we restore the thing and reset the password? we've done everything the youtube videos and forums have suggested and nothing has worked

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Posted 7 years ago, Sep 01, 2011

Have you tried calling Apple?

My cousin has an iTouch and I was screwing around with it when he was in the room, I was like "Lemme try and figure out your code" and I tried it twice really quick and he stopped me because he had a Bank of America app on there and he said after X times the shit wipes its self for security reasons.


Best of luck dude.

Posted 7 years ago, Sep 03, 2011

we managed to get it figured it out, took a lot of effort lol and file tweaking

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