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Only in Irvine Ca.

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Seems those pranksters at Chick-fil -A are at it again:

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Posted 10 years ago, May 17, 2012

I clickied on the linky, which I generally don't do.  Why do fast food restaurants want to know your name?  Do you get a better meal if you're ona first name basis with the chef?  What a stupid policy for the employees to abuse.

Of course, as a customer, it's fun to abuse that policy.  Remember last year when I was Shithead, and then I was Ashol.

Shit for brains...

"Says me... you asshole!"  Now, name the movie!

And I've never been to Irvine, California, home of Taco Bell.  So, under the law that makes Sarah Palin president for life, effective immediately.

Here's a flashback.

Posted 10 years ago, May 17, 2012

H-Dogg I couldn't remember if it was you that had posted something similar to this prank a while back.

Now I remember thanks to your memory jogger.

Posted 10 years ago, May 18, 2012

Here's another Arby's in the news, in the part of Michigan where people talk like Dick Clark after his stroke:

Usually, you're supposed to give them the finger after they screw up your order.  But this teen was given the finger instead.

“We don’t eat fast food no more,” Wheaton said.  I guess he doesn't know an Arby's sandwich resembles a vagina when turned on its edge and observed vertically.

Arby's has a corporate response here. (Warning--PDF)

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