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Gmt on Cracked

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The article doesn't mention RE, but what other "GrandMastaThief" could this guy be referring to? Good job GMT, you really changed his life.


"The two things that formed my learner's bible were a forum post that couldn't have been written by anyone older than 24 and a scanned PDF file of a book written by a magician who explained how pickpocketing works. I had no idea if "GrandMastaThief" was legit, but testing on myself allowed me to get the mechanics down in less than an hour."

Also, hi RE, I missed you guys, where the hell is weasel, I'm back, etc. etc.
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Posted 4 years ago, Sep 22, 2014

I read the article, too, but you beat me here to report ot. If I were GMT, I would be proud.

Nobody ever read my eggs about sabotaging kids' birthday parties or soda fountains at fast food restaurants and felt inspired to do so.

Posted 4 years ago, Sep 24, 2014