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Sorry, Nothing Seems to Work.

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I guess you could shoot them with paintballs, or a water gun filled with Liquid Ass, or fill water balloons with bleach or urine, then attach them to the lid so they'll burst when the lid is opened.

But it's been my experience they will defeat any attempt to lock them out. My city's burgeoning homeless population was fond of the 40 pounds or so of shredded white-trash iceberg lettuce and inedible tortillas our restaurant discarded every day, and would make their own lettuce burritos. We added a locking bar on top of the dumpster near the front, holding the lids down. But it wasn't long before they figured out how to bend the plastic lids and open the dumpster anyway. Another bum used a more elegant method: He straightened the clevis pin that's inserted into the hinge pin, then removed the hinge pin, which removed the lids altogether. Eventually we tolerated them, so long as they didn't beg for money from drive-thru customers.

McDonald's was smarter. They removed their dumpsters and cut holes in the wall for a trash chute. Then the trash was placed in the chute and crushed in a compactor that couldn't be opened.

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Posted 5 years ago, Oct 25, 2013

Hmmm thats interesting. i had one neighbor put a shitload of rotten apples and dirty sanitary pads, in the garbage about a week ago. We DO get the bums that will wear gloves, and flash lights strapped around their heads in order to more efficiently trash dig, and they will also bring those long trash grabbing polls which have the clamping thing on the end. After this last round of trying to turn them away with rotten shit, it turns out they DONT like rotten apples and dirty pads.

Im thinking next, ill try a strong skunk odor type thing and maybe even place a fake dead skunk near the dumpster. ill record the reactions and post them here of course. ; )


I WILL perfect the right way to repel these mother fuuckers, and when i do i will sell it and be rich.

Posted 4 years ago, Dec 27, 2013

I remember when Office Depot started using these compactors. It was depressing. I used to jack all kinds of desks and stuff from there, and the occasional cart. Once they started crushing it and locking it up, it got lame. Seems a bit wasteful, however. I could use a lot of what they tossed out.


On a side note, garbage picking toilets and kicking them out of truck beds is hilarious... As long as you don'