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Weasel’s Password.

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From 'Phil':


It's now 14 January, 2015. Weasel still hasn't seen the thread so I doubt that he checks up on this place anymore.
It was a great forum in the past. I first started visiting RE when I was 12, now I'm 21. I've learned so much from this place. From how to blow shit up (very useful to know!) to important life skills. It was all here.

If someone has the skills and capability to code a replica of the old RE (I'm looking at you RER/Toasty!), I would be 100% down to fund it. As I'm sure a bunch of other old-timers would also. Most of the old graphics are available on the "wayback machine"/

The way that I gained access to Weasel's account was through a SQL injection in the old Rotteneggs website. There was a vulnerable link in the "Puzzle system" (where you collect 'letters' to gain eggpoints). I gained access to the whole Rotteneggs database which provided me with everyone's username and password, along with a bunch of other information. I was never a malicious user and I considered everyone here to be a friend so I never bothered saving the data or taking down account details, except for weasels. Because well, it's Weasel.

The reason that I use Weasel's account to post is because I've forgotten my own account details. I changed my username to something that I don't remember and the email that I provided was more than likely a 10minuteemail.

Since Weasel/Monir doesn't give a shit about this place and hasn't responded (or even changed his password) since I posted a thread calling him out in Nov 2014, I feel like it's my duty to share his account details with you guys.

From what I've seen, most of the people that still check up on this place are long time members and aren't the type to do malicious/stupid shit like ban oth

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Posted 4 years ago, Jan 14, 2015

lol bigman2? I have the same combination on my lugage

Posted 4 years ago, Jan 15, 2015

That's the stupidest combination I ever heard in my life!

Replying to GrandMastaThief who posted on Jan 14,2015 07:49 pm (