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That’s Not a Dump-taking Thread. This Is a Dump-taking Thread!

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To answer your question: I can only speculate, but I doubt anyone would even notice.

But if you can't wait, here's a blast from the 1990s:

You can post anonymously, no shitty Facebook account needed. I read this page a lot when Clinton was President.

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Posted 8 years ago, Nov 07, 2013

i knowww, i was hoping to start something fun like that. why do you always have to steal my glory. lol

Posted 8 years ago, Nov 09, 2013

OK. I dropped this on the forum.



Popeye's chicken at 6:30 a.m. in Atlanta

This will be brief. No toilet was even involved.

Years ago, I flew from Seattle to Pittsburgh, the first flight of the day. There was no time for breakfast in Seattle. We landed in Atlanta, with a connecting flight to Pittsburgh in about an hour. That's when I found Popeye's chicken at the Atlanta airport. I noticed there were normal breakfast items on the menu, along with the usual fried chicken, bones and all, and sides. I think I had 3 pieces of spicy chicken, with mashed potatoes and gravy, both of the latter likely reconstituted from dry mix. I was really hungy, and thought I'd never have the chance to eat such a meal at that time of the morning ever again.

An hour into the flight from Atlanta to Pittsburgh, I felt some familiar rumbling. The plane was packed. I've had accidents as a child, so I've gotten pretty good at predicting what's coming out of my shit pipe. I was in the center seat, which was probably cheapest for my company to provide for my flight. So rather than get up, make an unnecessary trip to the bathroom, and risk farting into the face of a passenger, I just stayed put. That's when I silently let out the most rank fart I've done since a bus incident in the 7th grade. This one smelled like a sewage treatment plant. I supposed the chicken that laid down its life for my meal was getting some revenge. Everyone in my seating row politely pretended not to notice. But I looked at the people in the row behind me, and saw a woman with her shirt collar pulled over her nose and mouth. I wanted to laugh then like I'm laughing now as I type, but that would have blown my cover. And it was perfectly dry.

I wonder if that seat cushion could still be used as a flotation device.


Replying to who posted on Nov 07,2013 10:30 pm (View original message)
i knowww, i was hoping to start something fun like that. why do you always have to steal my glory. lol
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