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Where the Hell Did I Go After "the Incident"?

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Honestly I am hoping at some point in the future someone comes across this and gets to evaluate a little over a decade's worth of a social experiment. Think like those crackheads who pick through the gaps in a sidewalk looking for something to smoke. You never know what you might find.


For those of you who remember me otherwise, I'm sorry. I did this to myself. Please navigate away before you read about how to ultimately dismantle your life.


So for those who might not fully remember and those who are not aware, on October 26 2006 I initiated something that ultimately redirected me to where I am now. After near-relentless bullying and harassment in Grade 12 at my highschool and the delivery of pizzas I never ordered to my door I did what is ultimately a poorly judged decision and uttered a bomb threat. This resulted in my temporary expulsion and ejection from my grad class. Indirectly this made me infamous here but as this predated social networking it likely saved me from far more damaging repercussions.

Through hard work I was able to have charges stayed and returned to the same school a year later to complete grade 12. I officially graduated highschool in 2008 however neither my name or my photograph ever made it into the yearbook. I was effectively erased.

After one year taking time off I began employment and by 2010 I had taken an offer to move to Vancouver British Columbia and start off living on my own. This offer was bittersweet and while it enabled me to proceed my efforts working with older computers in a paid position I was ultimately let go in late 2011 due to funding cuts and poor efficiency. Throughout the winter and spring of 2011-2012 I was able to retain my Unemployment Insurance by working part-time at a flea market and the food court of Costco Wholesale. Vancouver was expensive. There were nights where I went hungry. Ultimately I ended up being fired from

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Posted 34 days ago, Dec 15, 2018

my costco job due to eating disposed of food in a vain attempt to stay nourished. I am now banned for life from Costco and cannot apply for a membership. This is not an exclusive club I am proud to be in.

I was re-employed by my previous employer in the sping of 2012 and at the same time took up the slack working a paper factory 12 hours a day, 4 days a week. While my social conditoons with my roomates soured,  I was now able to pay the bills. This however all screeched to a halt in September 2012 when I AGAIN decided uttering threats was an awesome idea when my former employer fired me. Ultimately I decided that it might be best to surrender and move back in with my parents. This likely allowed for charges to be stayed yet again and by the end of 2012 I had pulled my stakes out and move back in with my parents.

By 2013 I was working full-time at an upholstry repair business and preparing to attend university, some five years after I had graduated. After a brief stint there and a rather enjoyabl