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Where the Hell Did I Go After "the Incident"?

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Honestly I am hoping at some point in the future someone comes across this and gets to evaluate a little over a decade's worth of a social experiment. Think like those crackheads who pick through the gaps in a sidewalk looking for something to smoke. You never know what you might find.


For those of you who remember me otherwise, I'm sorry. I did this to myself. Please navigate away before you read about how to ultimately dismantle your life.


So for those who might not fully remember and those who are not aware, on October 26 2006 I initiated something that ultimately redirected me to where I am now. After near-relentless bullying and harassment in Grade 12 at my highschool and the delivery of pizzas I never ordered to my door I did what is ultimately a poorly judged decision and uttered a bomb threat. This resulted in my temporary expulsion and ejection from my grad class. Indirectly this made me infamous here but as this predated social networking it likely saved me from far more damaging repercussions.

Through hard work I was able to have charges stayed and returned to the same school a year later to complete grade 12. I officially graduated highschool in 2008 however neither my name or my photograph ever made it into the yearbook. I was effectively erased.

After one year taking time off I began employment and by 2010 I had taken an offer to move to Vancouver British Columbia and start off living on my own. This offer was bittersweet and while it enabled me to proceed my efforts working with older computers in a paid position I was ultimately let go in late 2011 due to funding cuts and poor efficiency. Throughout the winter and spring of 2011-2012 I was able to retain my Unemployment Insurance by working part-time at a flea market and the food court of Costco Wholesale. Vancouver was expensive. There were nights where I went hungry. Ultimately I ended up being fired from

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Posted 3 years ago, Dec 15, 2018

my costco job due to eating disposed of food in a vain attempt to stay nourished. I am now banned for life from Costco and cannot apply for a membership. This is not an exclusive club I am proud to be in.

I was re-employed by my previous employer in the sping of 2012 and at the same time took up the slack working a paper factory 12 hours a day, 4 days a week. While my social conditoons with my roomates soured,  I was now able to pay the bills. This however all screeched to a halt in September 2012 when I AGAIN decided uttering threats was an awesome idea when my former employer fired me. Ultimately I decided that it might be best to surrender and move back in with my parents. This likely allowed for charges to be stayed yet again and by the end of 2012 I had pulled my stakes out and move back in with my parents.

By 2013 I was working full-time at an upholstry repair business and preparing to attend university, some five years after I had graduated. After a brief stint there and a rather enjoyable one week road trip to Northern California I started University in an attempt to get my Comp-Sci degree........and crashed and burned. By the spring of 2014 I had failed to coplete my prerequisite classes to even enter Comp-sci. That mistake nearly a decade earlier had disrupted my education so hard that I was still an A+ student in grade 11 math but was utterly incapable to comprehend grade 12 math. After suffering a mental breakdown (and the first of many more to come) I abandoned univeristy and returned to my first employer, wal-mart, where a few employees remembered me......and were otherwise disappointed at my boomeranging.

Wal-Mart helped me rebuild my finances and travel internationally once on my own but by 2016 a mix of workplace harassment and the psychological damage attributed to a decade's worth of social isolation had taken its toll. After getting a reputable employee fired for what I now guess was a well deserved punching I quit wal-mart and gained an alcohol problem.

Today I work a new job. I repair gambling machines for $14/hour. I still live in my parents basement but at these prices it isn't like I have a choice. Most of my co-workers still verbally harass me and maim me whenever they get the chance while living under the "lmao, I'm just joking, man!" guise but I eally do miss the old days. Sometimes I really wonder what might of happened if I just never made that bomb threat. Would I really be here right now? Age 28, drunk on cheap whiskey and off-brand cola at 12:30 in the morning? would I be single? Would I be branded a creep and a weirdo by so many people? Would I behappy? I really don't know.

These days I just hope the liquor on a friday night helps me forget the past week, yet when I see the old Rotteneggs bookmark in my browser I am reminded of a place I remembered as my home. I hope everyone out there who remembers me is doing well. I hope for those who stumble upon this in some yet to be dated year, please don't make the same mistakes I did.

Posted 3 years ago, Dec 15, 2018

Oh cool, apparently the forum has a cutoff limit for OP's.



Well, I'll drink to that. Cheers.

Posted 3 years ago, Dec 16, 2018

Wow Pentium, thats quite a story, I hope everything works out for you.

I guess this aint the time to tell you what has happened to me over the years but I'll keep it short.

I hit the lottery a while back and made a couple cool millions then in 2017 invested it in Canadian cannabis market and tripled it!

I now live on a secluded island with my new younger and hot wife.

Replying to who posted on Dec 15,2018 12:54 am (View original message)
Oh cool, apparently the forum has a cutoff limit for OP's.     Well, I'll drink to that. Cheers.
Posted 3 years ago, Dec 27, 2018

I've just managed to get off drink about 3 months ago I hope it all works out for you. It isn't just me that's had a crazy time then

Posted 3 years ago, Jan 03, 2019

Damn man, that's rough.

I remember you fromback in the day, your egg about making Kraft Dinner, or was it ramen noodles?, exploiting the sports bet system, and you posting pictures in your room with a bunch of old computers, I thought it was pretty cool and I looked up to that stuff. Rotteneggs actually lead me to other sites (The Saltinez) which fed my technology interests further and ended up giving me confidence to go to college (I was home schooled up until then and socially awkward too) in the computer science field, whcih I now work in today.

But I just wanted to say, I hope you get your confidence back and pull everything together, and stop thinking about the "what ifs" and "should haves", you can't do anything to change the past, but you can do everything to shape your future. Don't regret the stupid stuff you've done, just learn from it. I hope things get better for you man.

Posted 3 years ago, Mar 30, 2019

Hey Pentium, didn't know if I'd ever hear what happened with that.  Very happy to see you're still kicking.  Sorry to hear about the mistreatment you've gone through and I hope things start looking up for you very soon.  I'm now 26 years old,  I graduated high school and went straight into working in a factory in the small town I was moved to in Bum#%!@, South Dakota.  After becoming a raging alcoholic, and being evicted from the house I was renting after losing my job I eventually moved to a bigger city and met my now Fiancee,  who I absolutely adore and would surely have killed myself by now if it wasn't for finding her.  We've been together now for 6 years and are getting married this summer.  She is in the final semester of her Electrical Engeneering degree and I've been working full time at random manufacturing jobs to pay the bills.  I'm looking to hopefully go to school soon, but I am really unsure of where I'm heading at this point career-wise.

On a sad note my mom passed away unexpectedly a few months ago which has been a huge blow to my already bad anxiety and depression. I also lost four seperate friends within the last three years, one to a drug overdose

and three related to vehicular accidents. All of this combined shit has really #%!@ed with me but I'm still trying to get up every day and get through it regardless. I just decided to go see a

therapist.  I'm going to try and keep my head up and keep looking towards brighter days.


Thanks for coming back to the ol' forum and posting. I hope you see some brighter days soon too.

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