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What Do You People Do All Day

  • Thread created by: Stoner
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I think I've technically been a member of this place for, oh... 12-13 years now, which is by far the longest I've ever been a part of anything. Came here to see if the url still works which it (surprisingly) still does. So there's that.

What have you all been up to? I'm in Manhattan now, a PhD student. Waiting for an experiment to end and I figured, what the hell, let's see how the ol' stomping grounds look. (They look as barren as ever).

A shame! Hope you've all been well doing the things you do.

Until the next blue moon,

- Me

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Posted 2 years ago, Mar 24, 2016

I do Josh's mom

Posted 2 years ago, Mar 25, 2016

I watch GMT do Josh's mom.

Posted 2 years ago, Mar 27, 2016

Kaitlyn Jenner is Josh's mom

Posted 2 years ago, Apr 08, 2016

Kaitlyn Jenner is a beautiful woman!!!!   -  Stan Marsh

Replying to TOMMY_BOY who posted on Mar 27,2016 12:51 pm (View original message)
Kaitlyn Jenner is Josh's mom
Posted 2 years ago, Apr 09, 2016

I've not checked this site in years, miss the old layout since the new one is confusing as #%!@. 

You make a good point, I think I've been a member of RE for 12+ years now which is the longest I've ever been a part of anything. From 13 year old me searching pranks to fool around with in high school to now, a functional 9 to 5 working member of society.

Shits changed a lot. I'm 25, have a long term GF who I'm hoping is stupid enough to say yes when I propose this time next month. Have a small house that comes with a not so small mortgage. Doing well enough at work that I have a newish BMW that I can drive around in, and an oldish 70's Landcruiser that my dad and I have been restoring every couple of weekends. I remember talking about doing BJJ about a decade ago on here, I did and stuck with it long enough to earn a purple belt.

I used to be a shitty little kid who never thought about being an adult, just looking back at all the friends, enemies, crushes and everyone in between over the past 13+ years is bringing some serious nostalgia. It all seems so insignificant now. RE-wise, I can't even remember the little raids we'd do on Totse and other random sites, the mod drama, the April fools shit, the at the time brand new chat feature, even the "Army" we formed. #%!@.

Don't know what everyone else is up to, people who I'd shoot the shit with every day. Going through my terrible memory, Slash 292 (my first RE "friend"), Coopz, CreateAMuck, AE, Bonesplinter, Viper, Rambo, Skit, even everyone who's posted ITT. I remember the whole Rachie kerfufle and how for the longest time that's all anyone ever talked about, no idea what happened to her maybe she got into porn or she was into music or something at the time.

I remember really thinking about death for the first time after Defiler. That shit hit me hard since he was a cool guy online, probably the same age I was, and most likely going through the same early teen bullshit around girls, school, parents but it just turned out to be too much for him. I still don't know if it was all an elaborate prank, probably not. I can still recall the tombstone that was uploaded. Spinny head stick figure Defiler was actually a kid named Michel (or Michael). Even on clear sunny days, I'll catch myself thinking about him and what happened. Shits crazy. The sad part is that if his suicide was real, the girl he had an internet crush on (Victoria?) was probably a fake profile. I see a lonely 15 year old kid talking to a girl for the first time online, and falling for her hard. When the inevitable meet up can never happen, he makes a choice of shooting himself in the head rather than deal with the pain for another day. Crazy.

Anyways, I'm out. I've been drinking by myself since the lady is sick and is asleep in the next room. I'll finish typing up some work emails for Monday before heading to bed myself. If I forget all about this tomorrow and never come back here again before old Monir pulls the plug, it's been a great ride. I'll always remember this.


Peace out

Posted 2 years ago, May 10, 2016
I'm 25 now, a fully functional member of society. I'm still into urban exploration and photography. Time to make coffee and get my ass to work.
Posted 2 years ago, Jun 24, 2016

I lift things up and put them down 5 days a week along in order to put on huge amounts of muscle (hypertrophy)... ALWAYS making sure to eat lots of protein and ample carbs and fats. I make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep a day. I also study and am in my last semester at uni. On the weekends i drink enough alcohol and do enough party drugs to lose all of my muscluar and brain "gains". But i get them back come 4:31 pm wedesnday !!!


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