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November 29, 2012: Ex-catholic School Janitor Charged Over Hidden Cameras--rotteneggs Called it First!

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Ex-Catholic school janitor charged over hidden cameras

9:53AM EST November 29. 2012 - GLOUCESTER CITY, N.J. — A Catholic high school custodian accused of secretly videotaping students and teachers with hidden cameras he installed throughout the school was charged Wednesday.

Authorities said those on camera at at Gloucester Catholic High School were often in various states of undressing.

Read the rest of the story at the link. 

The janitor is facing criminal charges, but could have avoided lots of trouble if here were a member here in 2005.  Of course, he wouldn't have actual pictures, either, but the reaction would be funnier.

But seven years ago, I put the instructions on this very site.

Bring your school to its knees with a phony camera!


A real camera would have the wire attached to the wall, not to itself like this fake one.



I’m several years removed

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Posted 9 years ago, Dec 04, 2012

It cut me off. Just clicky on the linky for the eggy archivey. The red one.

Posted 9 years ago, Dec 06, 2012

Sorry H-Doggy. red linky not working

Posted 9 years ago, Dec 06, 2012

Try again later. The archive site only works sometimes. I'll copy it here when the thing works.

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