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Garbage Divers/illegal Dumpers, And the Revenge They Deserve....

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Alright, after i moved and has my son a couple years ago, (and the economy took a dive) i noticed the dumpster divers in my area have trippled. There are people who traverse my alleyway EVERYDAY, and have made a routine of it.

These biitches, scatter trash everywhere, along with LARGE pieces of furniture to the point where Mister Garg and i have had to confront them AND the neighbors because they think WE left that shit there or vise-versa. It then becomes a games of "well lets see whos dumpster we can move this box spring/toilet/old #%!@ed up chair on, and slowly we see said pieces of furniture get slowly moved down the alley until it reaches the end and someone calls to have it removed by the city.

My newest mission if life (because i spend a bit of time at home with a view of our alley) is to make these people more angry and see how far i can push the alley dwelling/trash diggers/theives until enough word spreads that this alley is not the one to mess with. 


Now i like to put REDICULOUS shite out there to see how quickly or what the reaction is from these people, but in the mean time, i'd like to hear some other peoples insperational stories/ideas on things i can pull on these people to scare them off.


Any ideas, stories, whatever. just shoot em this way!!


= )

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