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What is RottenEggs?
RottenEggs is a site devoted to sharing stories of adventure, humor and mayhem. The site has been designed, including the forums and groups, to help you share your story, meet new people and maybe learn something new.

When did it begin?
The original website sprang to life in the spring of 2000, the earliest version of which was a simple website for urban explorers. Our most recent incarnation was launched in July 2011 and featured a new design, new hardware infrastructure and a refocused goal of interactivity for our members.

What can I do here?
We strongly urge our members to share content, make friends and participate. You can do this in one of several ways :

- Add a story - A "story" is simply an article, for example a detailed retelling of an adventure you may have had or a how-to of a clever prank. A story can be almost anything, as long as you adhere to rules as stated in the "User Submission" section of the Terms of Use.

-Add a group - A "group" is a board in which multiple members can share messages and pictures. The owner of the group can moderate, approve members and help steer the conversation.

- Add a forum - Participate in our message boards, or start and moderate your own.

- Add an app - The RottenEggs API allows you top create your own mini-apps for the site.

- Chat - You can chat with any friends currently online

- Direct Share - Share images and board posts directly from your phone while you're out and about.

Who runs this place?
The site was designed and developed by Monir Boktor (weasel). We have several devoted administrators and members who help ensure our content and members adhere to the rules and policies we have set forth.

What does it run on?
RottenEggs is powered by a proprietary backend that employes Apache / MySQL / Cassandra / Solr / Memcache and PHP. It currently is a collection of 10 Dell rack-mounted servers.

How can I help?
Between the costs of the servers, bandwidth and CDN hosting it turns out that running RottenEggs is expensive. You can offset the costs by donating. Every little bit is greatly appreciated.

I don't have money, how else can I help?
The best free support you can show the site is by helping spread the word and sharing the stories. Click the share "buttons" located on any page and help get the word out.