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Developing Apps


What's required to develop an App for
If you have a virtual host or dedicated server running PHP you are likely capable of deploying an App for, however any hosting platform will work. You simply need to ability to pull information via the API, described below.

Are there examples that can get me started?
The source code to a simple "hello world" app is available at : Sample App - Hello World

An advance framework has been shared at GitHub that will assist in building an app. It is available at :

What's the first thing I should do?
Get an API key by clicking "Find Apps" then "Submit an App". You may submit your app information and mark your app "in-progress" as you start to build it. Once you have an API key you can access the API described below.

What API commands are available?
You may call the API urls by any method available to you. They will return your requested information in JSON format. A full API call would look like : ""


All profile stat information for this member


Posts a message to the member's board. You must make this call as a POST action and supply a POST field named 'message'

Returns access = true/false if this is a confirmed user of this app

Returns the member_id by searching member nickname

Returns list all the members who are using this app. You can append the following GET variables to refine the search
?start=X - Start at this position
?limit=X - Return no more than this many members (default 100)