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General Help



Your profile is the page by which you will see the activity of your friends here at RottenEggs. You can also locate your photos, pending friends and inbox. When you login, this is the page that you are automatically taken to.

Who is Weasel and why is he my friend?
Weasel is the system operator of the site and is by default the first friend you have when you sign up to You may ask him or any administrator questions if you need assistance.

What is the Board?
In addition to seeing the activity of your friends, you can post to your board to share with others your activity. Some activity is automatically posted, such as adding new content or using certain apps.

What's the difference between "Full Board" and "Just Me"?
The full board will display all your board posts along with the board posts for your friends, apps and groups. If you select "Just Me" you will see only your board posts.

How do I add a friend?
Search for your friend’s profile using the search bar near the top of any page. Find the person you know and click on the "Add as Friend" button on their profile page.

A friend request will be sent to that person. Once they confirm that they actually are friends with you, they will show up on your friends list.

Please note that privacy settings may limit your ability to use the "Add as Friend" link for some users.

How do I remove or cancel a friend request I made to someone?
Visit the your Add a friend page on your profile and click the "Cancel" link underneath the profile photo. After you click this, the link will say acknowledge your request.

How do I send a private message?
Initiate a message by searching for the member you wish to message. On their profile you will see a "Send Message" red button. Click this button and type your message.

Click "Send." The person or people to whom you sent the message will be notified by email or the next time they log in.

How do I receive a private message?
You will be notified by email and visually on the screen of a pending new message. To view, simply click the notification or view your profile page and click "Inbox"

What is the Info panel?
The Info panel will display all current statistics, along with your About Me, and Favorite subjects. This panel can be hidden using your Privacy Settings via the Account Settings page.

How do I upload a photo?
You can add a photo to your Photo tab in several ways.

1. Any time you attach a photo to a status message, comment or any reply, the photo will also be available in your Photos tab.

2. You can simply select your Photos tab and upload a photo.

How do I set my profile's primary photo?
Simply click any photo in any gallery. Once the large photo has loaded, mouseover the image. You will be presented with the option the set the photo as your primary.

Account Settings

Your membership has several options to better customize your experience here at

Notification Settings
This will allow you to modify the notices RottenEggs will send you.

Privacy Settings
This will allow you to change the elements that are visible to the public or your friends

Misc. Settings
This will allow you to change your password, nickname or your e-mail

Core Concepts

All forums, threads, stories, apps, and groups are considered "objects".

Objects are owned by the person who created them. As an owner you can delete the object, add a primary image, and edit the object's description.

Sharing Ownership
As the owner you can also share ownership with your friends. A "co-owner" can do anything an owner can EXCEPT they can not delete the object, remove co-owners or owner.

Board posts
Posting a board post instantly shares your message with all your friends.

Replying / Comments
Any board post can be replied to. Simply mouseover the message and you will be presented with the "Add Comment" link. Using this link will allow you to directly comment on that board post.

Board Post/Reply - Attach Link
When adding a board post or reply you can attach a URL. We instantly collect the title of the website you entered and will display that under your message.

Board Post/Reply - Attach Image
You can directly add an image to your board post or reply by using this link. Simply browse to your image and it will upload instantly.

Direct Share
When clicking Info on your profile you will see your Direct Share e-mail address. This is your PRIVATE e-mail address that will allow you to post to your board messages and images from any mobile device.

Direct Share Objects
Your profile, along with groups and apps you create have a Direct Share e-mail address. You can share to these objects via the private Direct Share address.

All objects can be "tagged" for easier categorizing. Please assign tags to your objects ONLY if they are related in subject, otherwise your tags or complete object may be deleted.

An example of appropriate subject tagging would be writing a story on "Exploring a local abandoned school" and tagging it as "Urban Exploration."

Story and Forum Advanced Editing
Story and forum have extended options that can enhance your post. The advanced options are listed below.

Displays your text in multiple pages with pagination bar. Insert at the point you wish to page break.

Hyperlink to the profile of the member you specify.

{gallery} <img src="image_1_url" title="Image description"> ... {endgallery}
Present multiple images in a gallery slideshow.

Insert App
You can insert any app you've added into the post. Some apps are designed to do behave in a special way when inserted into a forum post, such as Poll.


What is a "Story"?
A story is a written account of any adventure, experience or prank you may have had. You can submit video and pictures to accompany your story to enhance it further.

Adding a Story
Simply click STORIES from the main navigation and then "Add a Story" from the main listing.

Editing a Story
You can edit any of your stories by simply viewing the story and clicking the yellow "Edit" link.


What is a "Group"?
A group is a board that shares a single subject. It operates in the same fashion as your profile except your friends and other members can join the group and share on the board.


What is an "App"?
An app is a member-created application that can enhance your experience here at To learn more on how to create an app, see "Develop".