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“ End of School, Go Out With a Bang ”

Story by anonymous , written 13 years ago 1759 views68 votes
DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME : Text files and message bases are for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Do not undertake any project based upon any information obtained from this or any other web site.We are not responsible for, nor do we assume any liability for, damages resulting from the use of any information on this site.
the teacher is cool, so i dont want to do anything to bad in this class.

there are computers in the back of the class right behind where i sit and the teacher doesnt pay much attention to the class when we are just working by ourselves, so, my plan is to go onto the computer, change all of the icon names and pictures to the exact same thing and rearange them into a random order, then delete it from the startup menu, then i will put many gross pictures on the computer and save them to the desktop with the same icon name and picture, so its like a minefield of tubgirl and fat porn everytime you click an icon. i will also change the background to the grossest picture i can find.

there is a refridgerator in that class too, its is really old and has all sorts of disgusting food in there that was from the middle of the year, but there is also some good food in there that looks like it was put in there fairly recently, so when he leaves the class, i will take the old gross moldy food and put it all into the middle of a globe that i broke in half earlier this year, i will carefully seal it with duct tape from the insid and superglue it on the outside, by the time next year comes around, his class will smell like ass. i will also take all of the soda in the fridge part and put it into the freezer.


ok we are doing power point projects on various STD\’s in the computer lab, and to save them we upload them into a folder that he then opens and makes us present from that. now since my partner is doing all of the work (not that its alot of work, all you do is copy and paste) i have alot of free time in the computer lab, what i have been doing is making fake presentations with nothing but disgusting pictures on them (ive been googleing random words like gonorrhea and just posting every gross ass picture i can find). now, since people are starting to finnish up thier projects, i coppied the exact name that they labeled their project and posted two fake ones for every one real one (the folder can be viewed and edited from any computer hooked up to the school\’s network) and, after i was done with doing that, i started looking at his other periods, and i got the idea to change the periods and poste the fake presentations in all of them, so i did this and he is now very pissed off because he cant find anybody\’s presentation.


on monday we are disecting crawfish, these crawfish are sitting in a bucket of water in the sink, they are dead (duh). my idea is to buy a live crawfish and come into his class before school (the building is usually open) and put the live one in with the dead ones, now when he reaches his hand in, he will get the shit pinched out of him.

according to a friend who had him last year, he uses the same test every year (we figured this out by comparing a test i took to a test he remembered). and he leaves the class alot, so when he leaves class next week, i wil steal the answers to the final exam, take a picture of them with my camera phone, then make flyers with the answers on them so i can post them outsid of his class.

there are two doors in our science class, and for some reason he doesnt like us using one of them, so i will go out to go to the bathroom, block the door with a doorstop and epoxy, then enter into the wrong door, this isnt a big deal, but it really pisses him off for some reason.

ok, he really supports the death penalty, he went off on a long rant on it in class, so my idea is to find his address (which shouldnt be too hard) and mail him a realistic looking letter (saying its from his son\’s wife, i wont put a return address) telling him that his son had been accused of murder and will probably be executed, but he did nothing wrong and is being wrongfully accused and cannot be proven innocent becuase the evidence proving him innocent was destroyed. a week later i will send him one that says \"april fools\"


nothing major, but i superglued all of the locks on the cubbards and drawars shut, i clogged the sink\’s drain with a sponge, and the actual sink with epoxy.


ok, my plan for this clas is simple, i will stay after class to make up a test ( and when i make up tests he just leaves the class to go out to lunch) then i will turn all of the desks so that they are facing the entrance to the room, (maybe stack them to make a wall in front of it, but id need help) then just leave the class to let him come back to it.


im out of ideas, so i will just turn the tv on during the final with my tv controler/watch, i will continue to do this until she snaps.

also i hope to do everything on my ways to piss off teachers list in that class.


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