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“ Exploring the Gutted House (big Pics) ”

Story by Pentium , written 12 years ago 1614 views143 votes
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Last week I saw on a drive a small house that had seen better days. The siding was gone and it was a mess.
Today I came with my camera and found some cool things about this house

The entrance. This place looks trashed.

The stairs to the second floor. There was a hole in the wall so i could avoid the damaged section of stairs.

It looked like the marmits had been upstars...

In the kitchen there was nothing. They even took the kitchen sink!

This is a room off to the side of the kitchen.

This is a pic of the living room and facing the front window. Parts of the floor are gone but there is only a crawl space below.

The first thing you see of the upstairs is this. I snapped it before crawling through a hole in the wall.

Oh look. my mode of transport!

There must have been hardwood flooring at one time. It has since been removed exposing the plaster ceiling.

A bigger scope of the flooring removal. You have to walk on the rafters at all times or you will fall!

There is a hole in the roof with what looks like was part of the smoke stach for an old stove in the kitchen below.

Here is a view if the living room below. After shooting this I almost lost my footing.

There might have been bird nests in here at one time and have since been removed. Either way, the wallpaper is ruined.

Here is a pic of the hole in thae wall. It leads into a bathroom but the pipes are now gone and so is everything else in there.

Here is a pic from the side of the house. The balcony was pretty stable. Here is a sash weighted window. The weights and rope are still there.

Here is the back porch just off the kitchen. I couldn\’t get into the small room ahead because the porch had already collapsed where the door was and it\’s six feet to the ground.

It looks like at one time there was plumbing in the house. This sewer pipe was made of iron and sealed with lead.

I wonder what this is?

It looks like before the plumbing was installed inside there was an outhouse. While you can\’t see it, there are TWO holes on the building!

Here is a pic from the back left of the house. Living room straight ahead. Kitchen in the right.

Just before leaving i snapped this of the back of the house. You can see where the porch collapsed and the door to the kitchen is.

And that is all!
Now, some will complain about the massive pictures but load times are no longer a problem right?
Who still uses dialup?


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