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“ Residential Alarm Systems ”

Story by krazyduck , written 11 years ago 1449 views81 votes
DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME : Text files and message bases are for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Do not undertake any project based upon any information obtained from this or any other web site.We are not responsible for, nor do we assume any liability for, damages resulting from the use of any information on this site.
I have some knowledge in alarms, but not in bypassing them so this won’t be about that. So I decided to share some of my knowledge with you

This is divided into three parts:

1) The sensors (doors, windows...)

2)The keypad and its functions

3)Tthe main alarm box



The goal of an alarm system is obviously to keep you out (duh!). To do this they have to protect the doors and windows. We’ll start with doors.

Sometimes there is a small box mounted on the wall above the door thats about about half an inch thick and an inch and a half long that is used as a sensor that senses when the door is opened. This sensor is mechanical and has a magnet in it that senses when the corresponding sensor on the door is separated (ie. opening the door). This is probably the most popular version although the more expensive systems employ a series of round discs implanted in the door directly underneath the same thing implants in top of the doorjamb, but i have no clue how these work. What i do know is that they aren’t magnetic.


There are generally two sensors on windows, the first one is obviously to keep you from opening the window, and the second is to keep you from breaking the window. The first one generally employes the same systems as the door. To keep you from breaking the window there is a variety of sensors.

1) An older type is a metalic foil running around the borders of the window, and terminating in a small yellow plastic rectangle. The theory behind this is that its impossible to break the glass without ripping the foil. When the foil rips, it breaks the current running through it and sets of the alarm.

2)In one of the lower corners of the window is a visible white square about 1"x1". This square senses the any vibration and sets off the alarm. The vibration dosnt have to be the window breaking, if you hit it hard enough it will set it off.

3)Opposite every couple of window might be a vertical rectangle about 2 1/2"x 4" sort of like a wall outlet. This plate will have a grill on it, and if you look closely there might be a green light blinking behind the grill. The way this works is that it is sent to the frequency of the sound of glass breaking and if it hears it will set off the alarm.

-------Motion detectors-------

There will probaly be a motion detector next to every entrance and on on the second floor landing. if the owner has an office in his house, then there will probably be one in there to. Remember these are fairly cheap and if they are cautious people, then they will install alot more. I dont know much about these, but i do know that they don’t sense anything below a certain height in case of pets.


--------THE KEYPAD---------

The keypad is where your supposed to enter the code to disarm or arm the system. Thete is a screen on it which displays which of the above sensors are tripped, even if it is disarmed they will show up on the display. There also might be buttons that are direct links to the police, fire and ambulance. The way to arm/disarm it is to punch in the code and the press arm/disarm, it can only be armed when there are no "faults" (no windows or doors are opened, no motion by tne detectors...). Most importantly is the fact that when it is armed there are to settings, we’ll call them "away" and "stay". The diffrence between these two sttings is that the away setting fully arms the system (only used when there is nobody home),and the stay setting only partially arms the system. The stay setting is mostly used at night when everybody is sleeping. This setting only arms the doors and ground floor windows, but not the motion detectors or anything else.



The main wiring for the alarm is usually located in the basement. It is usually a tan colored box (there might be a lock on it) with many wires leading to it. If you open the box you will see a green circuit board with many wires plugged in to it, if the system is conected to the police then there will be a wire going out of the box do a smaller white box next to it.This box will have a blinking red light and an attena going out of the top. Inside the mail alarm box there will also be a back up battery incase of power failure with two wires conected to it, one to keep it charged and the other two run the alarms and keep you output

Thats the basics of any alarm system, and about all i know. I hope you put this knowledge to good use (ie. supporting your drug habit), and enjoyed reading it.



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