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“ Free Money!!! ”

Story by anonymous , written 13 years ago 486 views47 votes
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Ok first I just want everybody to know that at Sam\’s Club, they say \"The customer is always right\". Thats why I love Sam\’s Club so much....BECAUSE THEY PRETTY MUCH \"GIVE\" AWAY THEIR STUFF! I\’ll tell you how this works; just read the rest...

1)About $20+ to start out with
2)People that want a deal on food, drinks, etc.

Ok, here is the rest of the egg...Go to Sam\’s Club with about $20+ and buy some PACKS of gum, or \"Fun Packs\" of chips, or drinks (such as the ones that the water comes in). Go home and sell some of the drinks or whatever you bought or just keep them, but you should atleast keep about half of whatever was in it. And do that over and over again. I know it WILL work beause my brother\’s girlfriend works at Sam\’s Club and she said that people will bring boxes of chips back with like a box missing and just say they didn\’t taste right or something. They let them get away with it because like I said...The customer is ALWAYS right. Thnkx


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