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“ Make Your Own ’pen Through Anything’! ”

Story by , written 15 years ago 1220 views74 votes
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OK, well i for one love magic, especially magic tricks that are really convincing. And then i saw the ’Pen through anything', watched the videos, and I wanted one. Then i noticed that most of the good ones are from America and I live in England. And they were around 10 at the cheapest. So then i thought i would try and make one, i tried and it was a success, so here i am going to tell you how to make one with a gel pen (you could make one the same way with other type of pen, but gel pen is easiest.

Incase you don't know what the ’Pen through anything’ trick is here are some links where you can find a full de5cription and videos.

Ok so now you should know what an amazing and convincing trick this is, so you will hopefully want to read on.


1 Gel pen
2 small magnets
A knife
Some flour (helps glue)
Some superglue

The making:

Ok so get your gel pen, take the lid off and unscrew the metal end at the nib.

Now take out the ink/gel cartridge thingy and pull out the metal nib. Then super glue this into your metal nib cap, make sure you have room for the magnet. This is to make it look as though it's still a functioning pen.

Now you will need to cut off the bit which the metal nib bit screws onto the pen casing, you can do this by placing your knife on it and rolling it backwards and forwards whilst slowly pressing harder to reduce the chances of cracking your pen.

Now get your plastic ink/gel cartridge, pull off anything to do with the nib, then cut it down a bit so it will fit snug in the pen casing behind your magnet, the pen will look dodgy without a cartridge. (If your pen is opaque then there is no need for this.)

Now put super glue around the inside end of the pen and insert your cartridge followed by magnet.

Put this to one side so you can go onto the metal nib cap again. Put a little bit of flour in the bottom, then place your magnet in (make sure it doesn't stick out! And make sure it will be attracted to the other magnet, not repelled!) Now put more flour in and make sure it goes around the magnet. Wipe any off the top of the magnet and then put super glue on all the flour. It will soon dry like cement.

And now you can see if your magic pen fits together, if its a bit wobbly then scrape any glue and flour off the magnet tops with your knife.

If your pen is good then go away and practice!

And then come back and rate my egg high ;)

Here are some pics of another I made.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps some of you.


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