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“ £$money£$ ”

Story by anonymous , written 13 years ago 703 views35 votes
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Ok these may sound childish but they often work.
If you need some money at school, auction your soul to people who believe in that sort of stuff ( a piece of paper saying ...\’s soul) and if your supersticious then steal it back later.
I made £20 by auctioning off waxing my eyebrow (I waxed my eyebrow)
And £5 buy selling off my thumb ( they didnt cut it off or anything like that.)
Another way is to make a bet with someone but don\’t take the money off them so If you win genrally they\’ll pay you and if you loose just say you didn\’t collect it off them (you\’ll be amazed at how well this works!).
Also doing stoopid stuff for money like running through hedges, any other ways of easy money?


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