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“ Robbing a House,its Long,for Those Wit A.d.d. Dont Read ”

Story by anonymous , written 13 years ago 549 views37 votes
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i know its on here multiple times,but i like my way better,seems like the others were done by little ass kids with no experience,or copied and paste.
so you want to rob a house?1st of all,i know a couple eggs say 1 thing,which is completly stupid,never have a partner.thats something you never want,do your dirt by yourself.
now that its out of the way,lets get to the fun part
alrite your going to need to do certain things b4 entering the hit.(hit=house) pick your hit,make sure its not in or around your neighbor hood.this neighboor hood shouldent be rich,but shouldent b poor.the rich have security,the poor aint got shit.middle class america works fine.also check the crime rate,if its high,theres cops around,if its low,theres less chances of being caught.make sure you know nobody here,no1 knows your face,no1 knows who you are.
watch your hit for a couple days,weeks.longer the better.write down any movements maid in this house,around this house.the people living there,what time they go to work time they get home,what time they let there dog out,anything you can use.check out there neighbors house time writing down any times they leave or enter there houses.that means all surrounding houses.the more you know about the neighbors the less chance you will have of getting caught.make a chart,and map out the houses it always a getaway plan.all ways.find out how far the pig station is from the have to know all this helps.
drive to the cop station,time how long it takes to get to the hit from there,you will know how long it takes to get away.after doing all this its time to get materials
an SUV(looks less obvious to neighbors then a big ass van)
stun gun
tooth picks
glass cutter
pepper spray/mace
crow bar
a hat that covers all hair
plastic tape
duct tape
thats all i everused
the hat is for your head,the plastic tape is for your finger tips,no prints,no problem
the stun gun would b for if the people came home and you couldent get out on time.your going to want to shock the shit out of them till they pass out,tye em with duct tape.or if they have a mean dog,kill it or knock it outwhen your entering the house go through the back.use your toothpicks to jam the front door,no1 can get in with a jammed lock.if there is glass on the back door,you can cut glass cutters are not like on cartoons or in the movies,you just dont cut rite through the glass,it takes alot of time to do so.what you do is cut half way.and hit it,let it fall on the dosent make as much noise as punching through the glass or as much as breaking down the door with a crow bar.but incase there is no window,do what you have to now your in the house.take jewlry,money,dvd players as much as you can hold,make 1 trip or 2 to your car after checking outside to make sure no1 is there.fill all your bags everything you can fit bring anything in you 2 trip to your car.from there take off.get out of there,drive suspision


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