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“ The Art of Falling Off Heights (and Not Busting Your Ass!&# ”

Story by --Jotto-- , written 10 years ago 360 views201 votes
DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME : Text files and message bases are for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Do not undertake any project based upon any information obtained from this or any other web site.We are not responsible for, nor do we assume any liability for, damages resulting from the use of any information on this site.
DISCLAMER: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU BUSTING YOUR ASS WHILE ATTEMPTING A FALL THAT ANY IDIOT WOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT THEY WERE NOT READY FOR. Falling can be dangerous if you don\’t know how to do it properly. That is why I wrote this guide, to help you return to ground without sprains, breaks or torn ligaments. Don\’t get on gravitie\’s bad side, and don\’t try anything you aren\’t sure you can land!

Hi everyone! This egg is about falling off of high heights...and NOT breaking your neck!!! Or a leg. Hooray, My first egg!

a) because it is a universal, usefull skill that EVERYBODY needs!

b) Good exercise

c) It\’s actually pretty fun, I mean, that split second of freefall... It\’s awesome!!!

Now there are 4 different things to consider when attempting to jump off a high height.

1. Surface
What are you going to be landing on? Grass? Concrete? Asphalt? Sand? A neighbour? Before you jump anywhere, take a look at what you are going to land into. This is going to give you an idea of how to set up your Projection and it will also affect your Landing.

2. Projection.
This is just as you are jumping/falling. The Projection is all about your tradgectory. How far to jump out? Try and let yourself fall slowly. (you can do that by hanging on the ledge with your hands and dangle.) Getting a \"good\" Projection will make the Landing much easier.

3. Landing.
Ahh, the most important part! This is the trickiest part of all the parts to master, and even I am always carefull about the landing, no matter how small the fall is going to be. A crappy landing can shatter legs like glass on a 3 foot drop. So how do you land? Well, the idea basically is to try and find the right amount of the fall to be broken by how much on each limb. For example, you can either break the fall equally throughout all your limbs, or you can put a bit more into your legs, or arms. Now in general, you will want to keep it pretty even between your legs and arms, just make sure to put a bit more of breaking the fall onto your legs than arms, because face it, legs are stronger than arms. First land on your legs, and then sort of roll into your arms. When you land it should be a sort of a roll/crouch. Practise it to get it right.

4. After the jump
No injuries? Hurray!!! But if you aren\’t sure whether you have broken or sprained something, get a doctor to check it anyways. . Better safe than sorry. Although it is very common for your bones to hurt a bit, just from the sudden impact. Dont worry, bones get stronger. Watch it! Long after a sucsessful Landing, people have slipped before and fallen on their @$$! Don\’t let that happen.

Falling is like handwriting; everyone does it differently from the others. I very, very strongly suggest practising falling, it is a very usefull skill! But remember, the human body has a limit, so just don\’t try a fall that you might not be ready for.

Just find a low ledge, and try it. When trying for the first time, START OUT EASY! Just at first, do it on about a 3 foot drop. Now you really need to learn to get the Landing just right, otherwise when you really need to make a high fall, you will be ready for it! Work your way up. I have only been jumping as a hobby for a little while, and I can already stand on a porch rail half a story up, and land it just fine, on any surface! (It doesn\’t sound like much I wish I could show you guys it\’s actually really high.)

Well, what can you do. If you got hurt, it\’s because you tried a jump you weren\’t ready for. Or maybe you just weren\’t paying attention, or stoned, I don\’t know. I have never hurt myself jumping before, actually.


-When landing on grass or uneven ground be carefull; if you land on uneven ground you can easily sprain an ankle. Just flex/clench your feet and ankles nice and tight and keep them level so that on the Landing if there is a unevenness in the ground you will be ready for it.

-If you are about to do a fall you are not sure you can do, then instead of standing and jumping, crouch down on the ledge before jumping, or even hang off the ledge. Do this so that you start out as close to the ground as possible, so gravity has less time to speed you up.

-Normally what you are wearing doesn\’t matter, but just...don\’t be an idiot, don\’t wear high heals or something stupid when falling. Avoid falling in boots, because falling while wearing boots is like tieing an anvil to your ass and jumping off Mt. Everest.

-Grabbing a bed sheet or something and trying to use it use it as a parachute DOES NOT WORK!!!

I hope that this guide was usefull. Jumping/falling is now one of my favourite hobbies. I am very sorry I couldn\’t show you guys any pics. One day, when I have enough egg points I will make a part 2, with pics. Thank you to RE, and thank you for reading this guide. First egg!

Have fun jumping just be carefull!


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