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“ Using the Ds Lite Browser With the Older Nintendo Ds ”

Story by Pentium , written 11 years ago 326 views129 votes
DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME : Text files and message bases are for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Do not undertake any project based upon any information obtained from this or any other web site.We are not responsible for, nor do we assume any liability for, damages resulting from the use of any information on this site.
It first started off with anger after finding out that the Nintendo DS internet broswer I had bought was useless with my older nintendo DS. Because of the design of the DS lite, the cartridge was smaller than normal.

I then thought about what exactly was so special about the cart when it hit me. Between the DS lite internet kit and the older DS internet kit (which can only be found online) is the size of the cartridge. After a little more research I knew that I had hope yet.

WARNING!!! The following egg WILL void the warranty you have on your internet browser!

The following egg will tell you how to dismantle both the standard gameboy advanced cartridge and the memory cart for the DS internet browser and using some tools, fit the memory card into the GBA cartridge.


-wedge material
(I used part of a floppy drive blanking plate but THIN balsa wood works too.)

-Mini screwdrivers
(I used a 1mm and a 1.5 mm screwdriver. you will see why.)

-Sharp snips
(I used lead cutters from my soldering station but wire cutters work too.)

-One dead Gameboy advanced game
(once you are done with this cart, You won’t be able to use it for the original game again.)

-A clean workspace.

-The Nintendo DS lite Internet browser

first off, lay the GBA cart with the label facing down. Now go with one of your screwdrivers and if you got the right size you should manage to get two of the three sides of nintendo’s infamous "y" screw. While keeping pressure on the screw, unscrew and remove it but don’t toss it yet.

Use the same procedure to remove the screw on the back of the memory cart that came with the browser. The screw is smaller than that on the GBA cart so be ready with your smaller screwdriver.

With the screw off the memory cart and the edge pins facing you, hold the right side (it is he side where the screw hole is) and lift up and then move the top of the cartridge to the left to remove the cover.

on the GBA cart, slide the back of the cart towards the pins and then lift up to remove the cover.

Now on the GBA cart, remove the internal board and (assuming it’s dead) toss it or do whatever you want with it.
Now you will see two pieces of plastic and you should notice them as you removed the board. Go with the clippers and cut them off and leave as little of it left as you can.

Next, go with one of your screwdrivers and take a few runs at both sides of the cart (See photo) and leave a reasonably deep groove almost flush with the bottom of the cartridge body.

Now go and take the memory board out of the DS cartridge and slip it into the grooves you just made. I hope you didn’t go any further than I did or else you won’t have a very good fit (see photo above). With the memory board in place, it should look like this.

Next you need to make something that prevents the board (and thus the pins) from being pushed back into the card when you insert it into your DS. While I used some plastic, you should use thin balsa wood.
cut the balsa to snugly fit between the end of the card and the back wall of the cartridge. In my case I should have a little more on the right side to prevent the board from getting crooked over time.

Now that the balsa is there, the cover will no longer fit right. In the back of the cover there is a small lip. If there is any of that lip interfering in the closing of the cartridge, keep trimming until you have trimmed just enough material off to allow the cover to be put back on.

With the card installed and now held in place, you can close the card up. If you want, you can take the old game label off and put the DS memory cartridge label on to make it look nicer.

The first time you insert your newly modified cartridge into your ds, do it slowly. If the cartridge seems to go in or out too easily the card has probably slipped back into the cartridge and you need to reposition it. if the card has moved after a few times of inserting and removing it than there’s a good chance it’s not going to slip.
Reinsert the cartridge and power the system on WOTHOUT the DS browser cartridge installed. where the GBA cart icon is on the DS menu there should be the text "There is a DS option pack inserted". This means that the pins are properly aligned and there is a good connection. If the DS freezes, crashes or you don’t see the "There is a DS option pack inserted" message than you have not properly installed the memory board. You will have to open the GBA cartridge again and probably move the board (and thus the pins) closer to the opening where the DS connects to the cartridge.
Your final step is to set your browser up and enjoy!

Final word: Sorry about some of the photos being too dark but right now my good camera is being prepared for it’s trip to ontario. In the event you do rate this low, please state why.
Reasons like "I hate your naruto skin"(I hate it too) or "DS suckz, PSP ownz!" are not good enough reasons. If you wanna bitch, we can duke it out in the forums.


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