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“ Things to Do at School (datru#%!@a) ”

Story by DTF , written 10 years ago 866 views140 votes
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I haven’t posted an egg in AGES so I decided I would post something original.

Me and my friends have tested a lot of these.

1. Wear a hoodie with a pocket in the front. Walk down the halls with it in your pocket playing ring tones at top volume. Look around suspiciously like you have no idea where the noise is coming from.

2. Put chewed gum under the handles of lockers.

3. While the teacher is talking about stuff agree with everything they say. Say things like "Yup" and "Oh I didn’t know that!" after everything the teacher says.

4. Bring crayons and coloring books to all of your classes and instead of taking out your text book when the class starts take out the coloring books and color in them until the teacher gets mad.

5. Wear spandex, a wife beater, a headband, and some headphones. Jog to all your classes. If a teacher stops you, insist that you are just trying to lose some weight. While jogging breath very heavy and take large drinks of water.

6. Address all your teachers by there first name.

7. Before walking into all your classes take off your shoes at the door.

8. Bring in a visor and a deck of cards and during class put on the visor and start dealing out cards to all the kids around you.

9. Steal all the markers from the whiteboard. Leave a ransom note on the board asking for a money reward for returning them.

10. Don’t talk to your teacher at all during a class. Have a friend explain that you have bronchitis and can’t talk. On your way out of the classroom yell "Goodbye!" to the teacher.

I don’t think many (if any) of these have been posted before. I just thought of stuff me and my friends have done and some original stuff off the top of my head.


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