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“ Bb Gun Turret (to Fit on Cars) ”

Story by FL , written 10 years ago 700 views184 votes
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This prank is very funny and very easy to do
It all started off by getting a 5 dollar air compressor from my local hardware store
Then put a tube on the end of the air hose to see how far it could shoot a bb; it only shot around 2 meters but when I used rubber tubing it caused the air to be compressed before it let the air out. But now I just put it onto the roof of the car and it's funny to shoot people on the foot path. Its also quitepowerful id estimates the velocity to be about 300 fps.

You will need
1. a 5 dollar air compressor
2. 8 rubber tubing's (aprox 1.5 meters)
3. 8 texture pen tubes (aprox 7.5 mm thick)
4. a car (im sure you all have one)
5. bbs
6. a 6.5 mm thick texture tubes
7. and electrical tape

How to build
1. push the 6.5 mm tube through the hole where youd put the bike tyre valve in and close it with the little toggle and make sure its airtight

2. Tape electrical tape around both the rubber tubing and the texture pen tube and make it air tight (do this with all 8 tubes)

3. sticky tape all of the barrels to the roof of the car (I also put some on the sides and the back of the car)

4. Optional. Label each of the tubes saying, back gun front gun left gun and right gun

How to shoot
1. Put bbs in all of the tubes and push them into the rubber tubing with a stick and make sure the bbs are stuck so that you can get a good blast

2. open your car window and put the rubber tubes inside of the car close to the air compressor

3. start the car and turn the compressor on

4. when you want to shoot stretch the rubber tube around 6.5 mm tube

5. it would take a max of 2 seconds for the bb to shoot out


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