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pranks how to


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“ #%!@ed Over. ”

Story by , written 15 years ago 633 views202 votes
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Hey guys. I was recently thinking of an egg to make-up for all the missed time i\’ve been off from RE. So after a bit I finally thought of something.

I\’ll eventually get pictures..

You all know those pills with the two seperatable caps? C-thru capsules shall we say? Well, what you do is take them apart and empty out all the medication. (Not much to empty but hey..) After doing so, get some Halepino powder, or anything very, very spicy that\’s powdery. Pour that shit into the capsule and close it.

And there you go, you got some #%!@ed up pill that could cause someone some hardcore pain in the stomach.

The only part that I didn\’t figure out is how to make that special someone of yours eat the #%!@ing pill. So have fun trying.

(This also sprouted thoughts of miniture explosions with powder in the capsules. Don\’t ask it\’s just a thought. Remember, Spicy Powder isn\’t the only thing you can put in that little capsule.)


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