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“ Abandoned Sewer/tunnel in Our Neighborhood ”

Story by TgRGrU , written 13 years ago 527 views89 votes
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Theres this sewer/drainage place behind our gate in our backyard, so i though i would take a look around.

ok, so this \\\’\\\’sewer\\\’\\\’ leads up to other places, in the peoples backyards.

But eventually......i ran into a damn gate.

The idiots who designed this \\\’\\\’wall\\\’\\\’ only nailed one part of it to the fince.

SO, as a proud american,

I knock it down...
( in this picture, i had picked it up to make it not look suspicious.)

This is what is behind that wall after knocked down.

A wall, with both sides nailed.

SO, i raised the camera over the fence wall to see whats above can see another wall)

Its night, obsivully, so i had to put the flash on. ALmost got caught)

I\\\’ll see if i can take the 2nd wall you see down.

By the way, these sewer things havent been used in a long, long time.


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