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“ French Inhale (w/video) ”

Story by , written 13 years ago 1317 views86 votes
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I’m bored, so here is an egg.
So i saw a few eggs on "Smoking Tricks."
But the only one that even went into detail on how to do the French Inhale (AKA Irish Waterfall or Chinese Waterfall) had it’s pictures deleted.

I learned this a couple days ago, and I’m still perfecting it.

Items Needed:
- Smoking product
- Lungs that you don’t care about
- Place with no wind

First, Take your drag, try to get a lot of smoke, but keep it in your mouth.

Next stick your lower jaw and lip out a little so the smoke has a path.

DO NOT exhale at all, let the smoke come out, and if it needs a little coaxing, push it out a bit with your tongue.

Inhale fairly strong through your nostrils while the smoke is exiting.

The smoke will "waterfall" up.


French Inhale
Unfortunately when i made this video it was windy out so the smoke blew away.
It’s pretty weak cause I’m not a pro, but you get the idea.


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