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“ Money, Revenge, Dvds, Games. Free. ”

Story by , written 16 years ago 855 views67 votes
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Okay this is an obvious way to get free movies or games from any video store. (Ex. Blockbuster, Hollywood Video Etc.) All you need is

Duct Tape

Okay. Now you got your duct tape yet? Now at about 30 minutes after the video store closes, go to the place and pretend your dropping off a game or DVD. Go to the drop off slot and all you have to do is reach in there and get about 6 strips of duct tape 12 inches each and reach down and tape it so it wont be too visible. Now go back in the morning about 1 hour before they open and go grab all the dvd and games people dropped off.

Usually you wont get too much (couple dvds or games) but still you get to keep it and if you do this to about 5 stores than you can easily be getting a lot of merchandise. I do this about every week and sell the games I get and keep the Dvds. Good way to get back at a videos store which you hate because there losing a lot of money.


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