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“ Cheap Laser Pointer Modification ”

Story by , written 13 years ago 1886 views87 votes
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To begin:
For the little kids on RE this will not cut tree’s down or kill people . Lmao just had to say that, But with all seriousness this is my newest egg since like 05’ but rate it fair. This egg is not my idea but research off of other peoples ideas but so far there is not one on RE about this .
The Egg
I will now show you how to take a regular Laser pointer you can buy just about anywhere for cheap and turn it into a laser powerful enough to light matches on fire and pop balloons =].
First Off
You want to start by taking the batteries out of the laser. Then screw off the top of the laser and you shold now see a small glass bulb like thing. That is the top of the laser where the "light". Well in the standard laser form it is actually less than 5 milliwatts of light wavelngth. But anyways You now need to take the rim of this which is a thin piece of metal and gentle but firmly pull with a pair of pliars . You should now have something like this: Heres another view of it from the other side Now what the hell do i do ?
Ok so now you have a basic circuit board with doo dads on it lol.The screw looking thing in the pic above needs to be tightened moderately but don’t over kill it . For this you need to break out them micro screw drivers or a eyeglasses screwdrive will work.
Now on the other side .One of those doo dads we talk about is a resistor. It looks like this but a different color .On my laser which i bought for like 5$ at mule day in TN lol its brown..
What you want to do is short this little #%!@er out haha. The simplest safest way is if you have a soldering iron let it heat up and press it on that resistor for a few seconds.. Resistors are used in electronics im pretty sure you have seen one before . Basically they take a high voltage and lower it down to a smaller voltage . In this case it makes the laser pointer less powerful but you just shorted it out so the full current is used.

In Closing
Just take and put your laser pointer back together and if you did everything like I explained it should light matches and pop balloons. I am sorry about the pictures I lost my camera in a cave a week or two ago so I have to get a new one lol . But when I do you shall get pics of this beast in proccess.



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