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“ All About Lollerskates ”

Story by Salamanderhead , written 12 years ago 359 views119 votes
DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME : Text files and message bases are for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Do not undertake any project based upon any information obtained from this or any other web site.We are not responsible for, nor do we assume any liability for, damages resulting from the use of any information on this site.
This is an information guide all about "Lollerskates".

In a way a continual of my Roflcopter information egg.
Roflcopter Information

Ever have the problem where your on a hot date and the girl (if you are a girl pretend your a dyke) starts talking about LollerSkates and you have no idea what shes talking about? Im sure it has...this happens to all of us, sadly on a regular basis.

That all changes now with this powerful guide, lets get started.
This is my first egg and please rate me all 7*’s

This my friends is a LoLLerskate. One of them is a chocolate mans skate. Yes you can point and laugh.

Black men love Lollerskates but of course they must be "pimped".

Some definitions I found on the net of LoLLerskates include:

1)when a girl has been beggin you for sexual needs and you ask her to fix your lollerskates (will you have sex with me)

Girl: I have Sexual needs
Guy: Will you fix my Lollerskates?
Girl: I don’t care about your lollerskates
Guy: Owell

2)This term is usually used only online. The spelling is an indicator of how LOL is often pronounced when spoken aloud. Lollerskates tends to be used with roflcopter.

Kthx thats enough, moving on.

He is the definition of 1337 am I right? AM I RIGHT?

Like most things that are fun in life, safety is usually needed. With Lollerskates this same thing applies.
One must always wear LoLLerSkate Gear!!! ALWAYS!

When learning how to LoLLerSkate and you are still a n00b dont try any 1337 jumps or tricks because you will get hurt.

Remember ALWAYS be safe not sorry!!! Wear a cond....LOLLER SKATE GEAR!!!! (ahem)

^Rofl French sucks
(This is a joke egg, dont take it to the heart)


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