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“ Gem School Update 2 ”

Story by anonymous , written 11 years ago 363 views68 votes
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Well in the last update I told you about the video, I wonder who the F*** said they are right next to us. We were in an are where there was a cement floor above us, It might have been someone else exploring it. I don\’t think it could have been the drug dealersbecause wouldn\’t they just cap us with a 9mm or stab us. I dunno you tell me. I just Know Sean had his butterfly knife and his survival knife and Cory and I had our pocket knives. I know there at least used to be a meth lab down there because there are things to cook it.

One night we decided to go back. We went into the old basement window. And we went through the gym the freaky thing was there were things in the gym that were moved around. So we were wondering why. We went into the boilert room and opened up the boiler and there lots of kilos of coke in there. We were scared cause we knew this shit was worth a lot of money and we don\’t wanna mess around with this or we would be dead. So we went up stairs and into the balcony by the lunch room. We heard voices and foot steps. The voices were saying shit now someone knows. Thenwe heard footsteps coming up the stairs. We all looked at each other and knew what to do. We ran like hell. I had my moms Firebird that night so I knew we could get away pretty quick. We all were running at the same pace. Before we got to the car I fumbled for my keys and I heard a car start up in the distance. I pushed the Firebird as far as it would go while peeling out across the street. Sean looked behind us and there was a newer red Mustang chasing us. I just kept the hammer down and did not even stop at the stop sign. We were still. We got out on highway 24 an old 2 lane highway. We kept going till we got close to Colby the next town. There was a dirt road nearby I could turn off onto so I did. I slowed down turned my headlights off and slid onto the road I hit a big bump that broke the front spoiler off but I kept on going. I kept turning on a series of roads and then I saw the city lights. So I went into town. and went home. That was a pretty messed up night so we went to bed with adrenaline pumping through us. We questioned whether we would go back, but we ended up going back.

It was awhile before we had the couarage to go back but we did the next time nothing strange happened but we were still pretty freaked of the place. We saw some old text books published in 1961. And we saw a newspaper from 1958 that was nearly falling apart. We saw a desk with tons of old papers in it and we saw lots of pencils that were nver used. Weo saw a bumper sticker that read police. This time we explored all the floors except for the wood ones that were falling through.

I went back to the school last knight we went in through the boiler room we could here the drug dealers or meth cookers or whatever they were so we sneaked out of there. I\’m thinking about just torching the place while their in it. But i do know one thing i will go back, definately I will be armed and dangerous next time.


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