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“ Parkour ~whoyathink~ ”

Story by Wh0yathink , written 11 years ago 543 views193 votes
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Ok hey again RE members, in my previous egg some of you said

"Keep the parkour eggs coming"

So that's what I'll do :)

Now I'm assuming most of you don't do parkour so ill give you a run down.

Flips are not parkour, that is freerunning

Parkour is getting from Point A to Point B as quick as possible. (Flow)

Freerunning is doing flips in joined with parkour but you don't necessarily go for a run…

Now I've seen all these eggs on RE of people just c/p pages worth of information that just says to get fit eat healthy blah blah blah…

No-one wants to do that, we just wanna get out there and do it :)

A few first basic tricks ill teach you are… (in this egg)

-cat leap
-wall run
- dive roll

The vault

First of all…
There are many types of vaults; I will start of by teaching you some of the simplest.

-180 vault



-360 vault


Errrr… I couldn't find any footage of me doing a dash vault so
a video :)

Ok first up...

The vault :P

*Stand close your vault with your hands right around it.
*Swing your body back stretching out your arms
*Jump and pull yourself up in one motion
*Move both legs to your appropriate side
*Drop of and down onto the other side :)

180 Vault

*Stand close your vault with your hands right around it.
*one hand palm facing downwards the other palm facing upwards (this is so that when you're on the other side of your vault your hand doesn't get bent around backwards.
*Swing your body back stretching out your arms
*Jump and pull yourself up in one motion
*start to move your body around in your preferred direction
*take one hand of
*grab back on with the same hand on the other side of your hand as you start to fall back down on the other side
*brace your feet and land back down on whatever it is that your landing on


(You don't have to vault things this far at first you work up to it)

A kong is just a vault where you dive into the vault and your legs go between your arms not on either side
Start with a small dive and gradually make the dive longer..

*approach your vault with sum decent speed
*jump early leaning forwards with your hands out front
*make your hands make contact with the table taking a considerable amount of weight
*push hard and