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how to _Explicit_


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“ How to Transfer Songs From Ipod to Ipod Without Software! ”

Story by , written 13 years ago 2358 views78 votes
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Do you have one of these…:

…And want to put all the music from it onto one of these…:

…But you don't want to download expensive or risky software in the process?

This egg will explain how to do exactly this.

What you need to do first is plug your old iPod into the computer (via usb). Once it is in cancel any syncing iTunes tries to perform. What you'' need to do now is go to my computer and choose the drive the iPod is connected to.

Click on that drive. Inside you'll find a bunch of different folders, none of which contain any music. As I'm sure most of you can probably guess, these files are hidden. To unhide the files go to the Tools dropdown menu at the top of the window and click on folder options.

Once you're there click on the view tab (#1). Scroll through the choices until you find the "Hidden files and folders" option. Click on the option that says "Show hidden folders and files" (#2). When you are finished with this MAKE SURE you hit apply. (#3) We need to make sure that the settings we choose are put into use.

Now the drive that your iPod was in that looked something like this:

Should contain an invisible-esque looking file and look something like this:

Click on that file, which should be called iPod Control. **WARNING: Do not tamper with the files inside the iPod control file. We are only in there to copy the music out of it. Tampering with these files could lead to a malfunctioning iPod.** Once in iPod control Find the music folder and click on it. Inside you will find folders labeled F00, F01, etc. These are the folders that contain all of your music. (If you were curious and happened to peek inside of one of these folders, you would see, as in the picture below, that the file names are a series of 4 capital letters. DO NOT worry, as these are in a format that the iPod/iTunes understands and will carry over as song names.)

Last but not least, open up iTunes and drag these folders directly into it. You now have all the songs that were on the old iPod in your iTunes library.

Once they are in the library you are free to upload them onto your new iPod.

Congratulations on your great success


Some of the songs came into my iTunes as the 4 letter jumbles you mentioned before. How do I change them?

These songs are most likely shitty versions that iTunes doesn't recognize. You can just listen to them and then change the song name by clicking it (until a text field appears) and replacing the name with the songs real name.



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