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“ Get Free Food And Money From Vending Machines ”

Story by , written 16 years ago 799 views185 votes
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this works on all Uk vending machines that sell chocolate and crisps-the ones that have a see-thru front and have the little swirly things that push the food out.
I had been on holiday and had loads of small change in euros, what you need are 20 cent pieces. the vending machines confuse the 20 cent pieces with a 1pound coin therefore you can get chocolate bars and crisps for about 13p or you can simply press refund and get 1 pound back in English money.

this is mainly good for when you are going on/coming holiday cus wen else are you going to have foreign money. You cud change the money at a bureau de change but I cudnt be bothered.
Heres a picture of the two coins.

you can see the similarities in the shape and size of the two different coins but its pretty stupid of the vending machine makers not to think of this glitch.
hope this is use full for all you brits out there.

sorry if the picture doesnt work if you want to see it its in my photo gallery /obj/process/image_pass/?imagekey=9b32d72c2939476fefcbe94d74337199&i=aHR0cDovL3JvdHRlbmVnZ3MuY29tL3IzL3Nob3cvb3cvMTc1ODcwLmh0bWw/Y3Bvcz0wJmFtcDthbD1pbWFnZXMmYW1wO2lpZD0xMTUyMDE=


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