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“ Breaking Into a Pizza Delight ”

Story by Salamanderhead , written 12 years ago 892 views177 votes
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Ok this is a pretty #%!@ed up story of what me and a couple friends did last night.
First I would like to add we were all drunk and high and needed more booze. So your probably thinking a pizza restaurant for booze? Well yea I dont know about anywhere else but our pizza delight sells alcohol.
So it was about 3:30 am and we finished off our liquor and were leaving a party that got really shitty. We were walking down threw town and noticed there werent any people or traffic around strangely for a saturday.

So we go this great idea to smash out a side window and go in and get some liquor and get out asap.
Btw I live in a pretty small town so doing stuff like this and getting away with it is pretty easy.

Ok so anyways the windows are pretty huge so we could get in and out easy without any climbing.
We smashed out a window on the side and a #%!@ing alarm went off. Scared the shit out of us cause we were so wasted. But we went in anyways and grabbed the liquor from the little dispenser things they got at this restaurant. I also grabbed a couple beer out of the fridge thing. And a mountain dew O_o.

Then we took off out the window and through the back roads. When we got to my friends house we went in the basement and checked out what we had.
All we got was 4 bottles. 2 26er\’s of smirnoff vodka (My favorite) One was full and the other half.

An almost full 26er of captain morgan spiced rum. And some other shit I forget what it was but it was only like 1/4 full anyways.
And 2 Budweiser bottles of beer.
Oh and my can of mountain dew. Thats the best shit ever when your high.;p

Well anyways it was all drank last night and so far were in the clear.
As long as my friends keep there mouths shut we shouldnt get busted.

Thats what I did last night. THought I should share it : )


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7 years ago
SonicMouse no pics????
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7 years ago
H-Dogg like I tried to say, the RottenEggs Content Recycler has struck again! Anyway, do you feel pride, shame, both, or neither when you read this five years later? Don’t delete this egg, either.
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7 years ago
Noskrazy YEA! I’m gonna try it! 5*’s
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7 years ago
7 years ago

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