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pranks college


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“ Getting Passed Internet Blocks! And Changing Passwords! ”

Story by , written 13 years ago 1567 views61 votes
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Ok people this is my fist egg so plz dont give me bad ratings!

This Egg deals with getting pass internet block and changing passwords on windows XP through command prompt.

OK so you need on myspace or what ever at school or ect.... All of your proxy's are blocked and you cant get to your site well here's what to do.

1. Get a flash drive.
2. Download and save Ultrasurf (newest version 9.4) to your flash. You can find this program on Google or on there website You are going to see a list of things you can download it to click on windows portable apps.
3. Once its saved onto your flash open it (its a zipped file) double click on file.
4. Wait for a few seconds a small window will appear with some green bars with percentages by them also it will have refresh, tools, option, home buttons...ect. Wait for a few moments after this and is will bring up Ultrasurf home page with Google search ect... Now your good to go to any web site you want.

(the only way to block this is to block sites to download it at but with it on a flash you are good to go...also when you exit click save and exit IP or maybe its Ep) well that's all have fun unlock surfing!

Ok so your bored at school on the computer and you have Windows XP. You decide to cause your school tech. Actually do something besides make sure people don't get on stuff they are not supposed to be on. So go change some passwords!

1. Go to start run and type in command prompt and enter. Your little command prompt box will open no duh!
2. Now type in net user hit enter ( don't forget the space between everything ). This will bring up the list of users (administrator, student, tech. Ect..)
3. Now pick what one you want to change by typing in net user ------- * hit enter (---- means type in administrator or student or what ever u want to change)
4. Once you do this it will say type new password so type in what ever you want hit enter. Once you hit enter it will say to retype the new password hit enter.
5. Now just log out and walk away ( I recommend doing this to all the users so he/she has to actually crack into the comp with a rainbow or something like that) also make the password long so it will take even longer to crack . Well that's it for now have fun and DON'T GET CAUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. if they have it set up to where you cannot get to command prompt your not out of luck yet! Go to Google and get a portable command prompt and put on your flash drive it's a very small download will take bout 3 sec with a good high speed connection!


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