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“ Wana Frame Your Daddy? ”

Story by Erica-Lindsay , written 13 years ago 1698 views127 votes
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K when my mom and dad were close of breaking up i desided i should egg it on a lil more so i left messages on my answering machine.. (for my dad) and id get one of my friends that sounded a lil bit older to say \\\"hey baby, remember lastnight i was wondering why you never called..\\\" and well my mom would always check the calls.. and missed calls and when she found that it was the most funnyest face youd ever see she bitch and bitch and he was sooo confused so then he finaly said you know mabe its a wrong number so a few weeks later.. we did it again.. but we said \\\"Dan? i didnt know you had a wife? why didnt you tell me.. i thought you liked me\\\"
and said bullshit like that now my moms up the walls about this and i felt bad after and seeing it was around april fools.. i thought id say you know it was me and a friend.. cus it was to funny/sad, but you know if you want it to work keep the calls comin..


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