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“ | By-passing | Any Alarms | ”

Story by anonymous , written 10 years ago 1554 views54 votes
DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME : Text files and message bases are for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Do not undertake any project based upon any information obtained from this or any other web site.We are not responsible for, nor do we assume any liability for, damages resulting from the use of any information on this site.
By-Passing Alarms & Getting Inside UnWanted Places

Ok this egg will help you by-pass certain alarms that (Stores) (Houses) and (most places) have, just in case you plan on breaking in covertly.

1. TOOLS :

The right (Tools) is a big deal if you plan to break into some place without getting caught.

Ok now you have the choice of either a GLASS CUTTER or a Window Puncher I would really recommend the glass cutter because its very quiet and due to certain alarms its well needed.

And another tool I use whenever I break into places is an all purpose pocket-knife (You know the knifes with the screw drivers and all those other tools).

2. Prepare :

[b]Ok now that you have a couple tools for getting in the place you will need to not exactly stake out the place but one day when the store or w/e is open then go walk around and look for Motion Detectors and Glass breaker alarms and any thing that looks like a threat Motion Detectors are very easy to spot and glass breakers looks like little white thing here\’s a pic of what a Glass Breaker Alarm HERE IS A PIC OF A MOTION DETECTOR

And those types of alarms are usually on the ceiling or near a window or door (But at my work there everywhere) now these alarms can hear sounds like of glass breaking and in case the motion detector didn\’t catch you the Glass Breaker Alarm probably ill unless you find a way in without making noise and that\’s were the Glass Cutter comes in... You would simply put the glass cutter up to a window and simply just carve a hole big enough for your body to fit through I recommend carving the window from the very bottom so once you carve all the way the piece of glass wont make a lot of noise once it falls on the ground.

3. Alarms :

Now onto different alarms and how to get by them easily.

Ok Motion Detectors are the killer in catching robbers they are really hard to get by unless you have had practice or know how they work, now at my job I\’m inside a warehouse most of the time and we have a ton of motion detectors so I get plenty of time to practice in getting passed Motion Detectors at my work the Motion Detectors are each set at 30 feet so the lasers extend 30 feet in a 10 foot diameter so if I break a laser the alarm goes off but when the alarm is off the red light on the Motion Detector just goes on and off every-time it detects me that\’s how I practice. Ok now the Motion Detectors at My current work are set to not go off if a small animal walks in-front of it like a cat so i figured on how to get by them I simply get on my (Knees or Stomach) and slowly slide across to where ever i need to go and it never goes off that\’s the slow easy way now there\’s a couple other ways like if you were to go into best buy or circuit city or wall-mart would be a good place to practice, there is certain paths you can take (-Example- You can walk in & take 10 Paces Forward 3 paces left 1 pace forward without the Motion Detector going off) -[I recommend going to like a small place were you can see the motion detectors like Radio Shack & walk in there pretend your looking around and find all the Md\’s (Md\’s=Motion Detectors) now just look at them and walk around every-time you move if it detects you, you should be able to see a little red light go on in the motion detector and just walk certain paths until you have one were it doesn\’t go off once. Also there is another alarm that is so simple to get past those alarms in WINDOWS or DOORS that have the magnets and if you open the Door it breaks the connection and the alarm goes off, just simply use your glass cutters to cut through the window so you don\’t have to deal with that type of alarm. now if you plan on breaking into any place I would hurry up but try to be as quiet as possible but you need to hurry you never know if there\’s other alarms like silent ones that have already detected you and gone off and make sure when you break into a place you have your eyes set on what your getting, make sure you know where the safe is or a certain electronic or w/e...

There is a few more methods but its 2:30am in the morning and I don\’t have time to write more about this, have to go to work in a few hours , lol , please rate well I spent along time on this... PEACE OUT!



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