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“ All About Lollermanders (salamanderhead) ”

Story by Salamanderhead , written 12 years ago 1799 views202 votes
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This one is for you RER. You wanted me to make this so here it is.

Have you ever been at the bar drinking with a few buddies when suddenly out of the bathroom walks a creature with the biggest smile you have ever seen? Everyone laughs and screams "LOLLERMANDER!!! LOLOLOL"
and your just like ....haha what?

They all look at you and spit beer in your face and leave. It was quite tragic wasnt it? Well never again!
In this egg I shall teach you all about LoLLermanders.

Lollermanders are a very happy species of salamanders. They live all over the world and reproduce very quickly. This is mainly because of all the alcohol they drink and lack of protection.

In fact Lollermanders only use protection while having "activities" with trees. This may seem strange to you but they really enjoy it.

Some Lollermanders are more active in the clubscene however. This is where the reproduction of there species starts.
The males usually regret what happens the next morning.

This is quite sad and depressing for the males but the species must live on and this is the way of nature.

Lollermanders are very happy creatures and love green foods such as lettuce, grass, slime and pickles.

A huge problem with Lollermanders is there curiosity. This sometimes gets them in huge trouble.
This lollermander has somehow wandered into another dimension and ended up inside someones television.

Sadly this was the last I have ever seen of this Lollermander.
Lollermanders age range is 3-6 years and they are drunk 90% of that time.

Thank you for reading. You are now very skilled in the knowledge of Lollermanders.

- Salamanderhead


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