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“ Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk (school Locker Version&# ”

Story by , written 16 years ago 2566 views93 votes
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Alright, I just remembered about this one. I had seen the effects of it on some girl at my school during my freshmen year. (Back then we had old lockers from the 60\’s or 70\’s with no locks on them. You could put your own on, but most people never bothered.) I had just left lunch when I saw her standing by her locker, a still dripping milk carton hanging by a piece of duct tape. It didn\’t take me more than a few minutes to figure out what had set this up.

What You\’ll Need
Cafeteria Milk
Duct Tape
Access to Someone\’s Locker (if they\’ve got locks, there\’s always a few that are rigged)
Ruler (optional)

The Set Up
Crack your victim\’s locker open a few inches. All you really need is enough room for your arm and the milk to fit in. Rip off a piece of the duct tape that\’s somewhere between one and two feet. Now place one of the sticky ends on the bottom of a carton of milk. I\’d recommend for stability that you leave a little extra room at the end and wrap it in an L around the back. Next, place the milk on the top shelf of your victim\’s locker, leaving the duct tape hang down over the shelf. Now would be as good of time as any to open the milk. It doesn\’t really matter which way the opening is facing, the milk is gonna spill. Still, I\’d imagine if it was facing the back of the locker it would work th best. Now, with your arm in the locker holding the back of the tape, shut the locker as much as you can (with your arm still in there) press the tape to the back of the locker door and remove your arm. Shut the locker and wait for your victim to open it up.

Oh, for those wondering about the ruler. It can be used for several small, but not really important things. You can use it to slide down the duct tape on the door to get a good solid grip. You can also use it to hold the milk in if you have the tape on fairly tight, with not enough room.

Bonus: If you do this the day before Thanksgiving or Christmas break you can really up the ante. (Granted they\’ve passed this school year, but I figured I\’d toss that in for people reading this in the future.)

Now is as good as time as any to throw out the obvious \"watch out for teachers, cameras, tattle tales and of course your victim\". Oh, and as always, a good friend is beneficial for almost any prank. They make great lookouts and helpers.


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