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“ How to Make a Decent Rope Ladder ”

Story by anonymous , written 12 years ago 1466 views134 votes
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well first off im actually making an egg about something other then avatar.....
ok so me and my friend were going to break into an abandoned factory so one day we decided to go there and scope the place out. so looked for places to get in on the bottom but all the doors were jammed shut. so we found a way onto the roof and were all looking around then we found a broken sunroof that led into the office part of the factory. it was only a short drop down but if we woulda went in there woulda been no way out so then i thought of something to make. a rope ladder.

so we went to the best place on earth to get supplies... thats right the home depot. so the things you will need from the home depot is


-pvc pipe


i didnt really take pics while i was building it but you will get the idea how to do it. and you will also see the kind of rope and size of the pvc.

so now that u got ur supplies u can start building the ladder.

u wanna drill the holes in the pvc so that the rope fits snugly through.

and u gotta tie the knots like in the pic at the top cus those knots support ur weight then tape them like in the real pic so they dont slide around

there ya go the rope can hold atleat 250 pounds, at least thats what it said and the pvc is cheap like 1.52 for 10 feet and ya its simple to make so if ur gunna break into somewhere or just need a rope ladder and have nothing else to do and ur bored as hell make 1. i might be forgetting to say something. but ya we woulda have had an exploration egg when we wouldhave broken in but my friends dumbass brother and his friend got arrested the very next day cus the factory next door called the cops after seeing them on the roof


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