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“ Wall of Extreme Stink ”

Story by anonymous , written 16 years ago 1188 views43 votes
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If you have a jerk of a landlord and you are going to leave the apt in a few is a sure fire way to piss off the landlord and basically drive him up the friggin wall.

This will especially work if you have to paint the walls prior to leaving the place. If the apartment walls are made of drywall, make an 1" x 1" hole in the drywall. Make sure that the wall you choose gets a lot of sunlight exposure and has an electrical outlet relatively nearby (the odor needs to enter the room from somewhere close to the source). Once you make the hole, stuff about 3 dozen king prawns into the drywall space, proceed to spackle (make a NICE job of it, as not to lead on about the source) the hole up and in a day, paint the spackled hole with the rest of the wall.

In about three to four days, the room will begin to eminate with a very foul odor and in about 3 weeks the smell will be unbearable. Your landlord will go absolutely nuts trying to find the origin of the smell and the apartment will be relatively un-rentable.
you only have about a day to do this, bloodmeal makes a great substitue, but the smell will hit in less than a day.



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