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“ Don’t Let Them Sleep ”

Story by , written 17 years ago 2148 views61 votes
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Right, since my last Egg was shit, I\’m going to try and redeem myself. I don\’t think anyone\’s posted this yet, or maybe I just couldn\’t find it.
This one\’s great if you\’re sharing a dorm with someone, or if your school is on a week long trip or something.

What you\’re going to need is:
A wine bottle,
a piece of string.

OK, what you do is on the first night of your prank you fill the wine bottle with water, and place it under the bed sheets of your victim. It\’s as easy as that. When they get into bed it might piss them off a bit.
The second night, do the exact same thing (first you might have do find where they threw the bottle after findu=ing it in their bed) This time they\’ll be really pissed off.
Here\’s the good part. On the third night, take the bottles cork, and thread a piece of string through it and not it. Place the cork back in the bottle, so you have a wine bottle with a string coming from the cork, and tie the string to the bed post or something near by. This time, when they pull it out, the cork will stay where it is, and their bed will be soaked.



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