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“ How to Take Apart And Clean Your Xbox **pics** ”

Story by anonymous , written 8 years ago 1831 views100 votes
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Hey guys, this egg is going to show you step by step how to take apart and clean your XBOX, not XBOX 360, just normal XBOX. I am making this egg because my XBOX stopped reading my discs, I tried all the cleaners and it didn’t work so I took apart and cleaned it, now it works like it’s brand new. Lets get started.

This is my XBOX.

Alright the first step is to take out the screws. There are six in total. One in each corner, you have to remove the grips, and there is one under the barcode sticker and the XBOX video game system sticker. Once you remove all the screws, the front can be taken off easily.

These are the grips.

This is the inside of the XBOX.

The grey box is what we have to take out to get to the lens and the spinner. Remove the four screws and take it out.

This is what it should look like when you remove the grey box.

Now the object is to clean the lens, and the spinner. Use a q-tip and some windex. I’m using lens cleaner which i bought from Rogers for $2.99.

Put a little windex or lens cleaner on the q-tip and gently clean the lens, it is the little blue circle.

Now just push the piece that the lens is sitting on up and clean around the lens.

Now clean the spinner with a different q-tip and some cleaner.

Now clean around the spinner.

Now put the grey cover back on and screw the screws back in. Make sure you pushed the thing the lens sits on back down which i talked about three steps before this.

Finally put the grips back on if you want to screw all the screws back in place at the back of the XBOX.

Thats it, you’re done. Once you have done this your XBOX will work as if it was brand new again. I hope you enjoyed my egg, take care guys.


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