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“ Using Mirc to Download Anything Illegally ”

Story by anonymous , written 13 years ago 1586 views48 votes
DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME : Text files and message bases are for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Do not undertake any project based upon any information obtained from this or any other web site.We are not responsible for, nor do we assume any liability for, damages resulting from the use of any information on this site.
so u wanna download a file, let it be a cd, a game, a movie, a program, and maybe even the occasional porno ;) , eh? .. this is where it all takes place.

what u need

(go to and download it, do not donate do that guy)

Internet explorer
(im hoping everyone reading this know what this is)

(well talk about this later dont really need it now)

ok locate where u downloaded the mirc setup to and install it.

open it up suckka!! sorry

ok so now go to the top toolbar thing and click on \"tools\" then when the drop menu comes down clock on options (or alt+O)

got to the DCC section of options and click on the ignore topic. Where it says Method click on the down arrow and select disabled.
should look like this

now you\’re ready.

before i get into this i want you to understand how this works. ok mirc is a chat program. nothing like limewire or kazaa whish is a p2p networked and intwined with viruses. when u copy a code from a certian website and go to a specific channel or chatroom where the file is held and enter the code. there is a bot (like a computer) that responds to the code by sending u a file. sometimes too much people are tryin to get the file at the same time
so you wait. unless you follow my steps

open up internet explorer
and go to


i like better so lets go to that one.

go to the search bar which is at the top right of the page and type in \"Apps\" (dont use the quotations... u can search for anything u want but apps will brind up a lot of files so do that now)
press enter. it should bring u to another page with a bunch and files and numbers.. now when u are searching for a very broad topic such as this one u should go the the sort by down arrow and select \"slots\"
as shown here.. circled in the red.

Why do u want to select sort by slots? lets say a bot has 15 slots.. that means he can only send 15 files at a time. when u sort by slots it shows the most slots open first. meaning the more likelyness u can download a file.

also in this picture is a number circled by a dark blue. when u find a file u want click on the number all the way to the left of it. this will open up mIRC unless it is already open.

if that stupid \" ur trial thing will end in 30 days\" pops up click continue. then a menu will be behind it like this

alright .. as of now u want to change servers and join the channel... but if ur on a channel u like and u want to open a new one click on open a new connection. and if ur on a server and want to join a channel on that server choose the middle one.

so choose the \"change servers\" one.
and it will probably say on the screen \"lookin up your hostname bla bla bla bla\" then i window will pop up... looking more or less like this one

ok now when u clicked that number before in it didnt just open up mirc and the channel for you..
it copied a code for you..

now press CTRL (found at bottom left of keyboard) and V at the same time (all this does is pastes it)
if u cant figure that out just right click on the thing on the bottom of the channel window and click paste.

u should be press ctrl+v while uve selected the little message bar where u cant type things in.
which is usually already selected when u open up a channel.

now press enter.

sometimes the code u recieved is invalid to check that go towards the top of mirc but below the toolbar and click on the first tab.. if it says some bot name like DGT-AppZ-PwN-001 is unknown ... then the code was invalid...

if it doesnt say that then go back to the channel window that popped up before then the bot should have messaged something to you in the channel window which is always in a deep red. sometimes u get the file right away. depending how popular the file is u may have to be put in a line to get it... a \"queue\".
sometimes it says all slots are full put you in wait at position 15 or whatnot

so if a window pops up saying \"some one is tryin to send u a file bla bla\" click ok.. then if the file there is the one u wanted click accept..

it will start sending u the file soon enough.. if it doesnt and in the channel window the bot says \"u have a dcc pending (150 secs till timeout) then theres nothin u can do about that.. maybe 1/15 different files may do that.. it barely happens.

ok so lets say u got the file..
it may transfer very fast or slow.

usually the file is


what u need is winRAR..

u can download the trial version at

go to the download section and download it then install it..

after that go back to mirc and when a download finishes click on open folder.. then a window will pop up with that file.. double click and winrar should pop up (if it is a supported file) click once on the file in the winrar window then go to the toolbar and click on \"extract to\"

then select and on the folder u want it to be extracted to and you\’re done...

there are sometimes very weird files that u may come across...

maybe an ISO ... or like a part001.01, part002.02, ..etc

but i have written enough already..

email me:
with any questions
or just leave them in the comments and ill get back to you..

yours truly



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