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“ Temporary Solution to Financial Rut ”

Story by , written 14 years ago 1722 views49 votes
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Things to do when your in a financial rut.

1. Maybe your lucky enough to have access to a truck. Go around your house, yard, neighbors yard, peoples garbages and take scrap metal. Scrap metal equals money take it to a business that buys it.

2. Gather up cans and bottles and cash them in.

3. Get car batteries there worth 3-5$'s a pop.

4. Gather old jewelry, rings, neckless's etc... Take them to a jeweler and cash em in...

5. Get all your all videogames that have been collecting dust and take em to a eb games or gamestop w/e video game store ya got and sell the damn things... Basically anything you find is collecting dust and has no need and is going to be thrown out, try to sell, post the add's on craigslist with the shit you want to sell, you'll be surpirsed who wants to buy that old golf set thats been sitting in ur garage for 10 years....

6. Craigslist is an amazing tool. Post a little resume on there saying your looking for work. If your lucky and know some trades then your odds are better. Also just look on cragslist for the labor gigs and genral labor you got guys on there who just need help for some labor and will pay ya.

These are just some ways to help ya get out of a financial rut, obviously it's not anything to live off of but it's things to do that can get ya back on ya feet. Hope this egg helps some of ya because I know it helped me...


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