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“ Best Smoke Screen And It’s One Dollar! ”

Story by , written 15 years ago 1518 views112 votes
DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME : Text files and message bases are for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Do not undertake any project based upon any information obtained from this or any other web site.We are not responsible for, nor do we assume any liability for, damages resulting from the use of any information on this site.
This is my first egg, and I made it up 100% so here it is.
Ok, the items needed are:

3 Long Pieces of Chalk
1 Party Popper (Not the kind with a string, the ones with the thing that you turn at the bottom)

Step 1: First you need to crunch up the rock into small bits, this shouldn\’t take to long.
Now you have a pile of chalk right? Keep it there and move over a bit.

Step 2: Take the Party Popper and open it. Take off the top and get rid of the confetti
(or do would you want with that) do not throw away the paper item on the top.

Step 3: Now you have an empty Party Popper, take off the paper around it so it is just a black plastic item.

Step 4: Make sure the thing in the middle has not popped up yet. There shouldn\’t be anything
inside of the Party Popper, so now load it with the ground up chalk. Put back on the paper item
that was on the top with just a small piece of tape (half of the tape from a small one)
remember you can only use this once but when ready,twist the bottom and watch..what did you think?
Also do not point at your eyes or anyone elses!


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