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“ Running Across Walls ”

Story by anonymous , written 14 years ago 2510 views65 votes
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OK this is something fun i learned how to do when i was running from a friend of mine who was chasing me with a club and beating me over the head(3 concussions) so what you do is if it’s your first time make sure your not wearing shoes with flat bottoms,they will have no grip and you won’t be able to run on the wall andit’s best to back away from the wall about 10-12 feet then start running at the wall at about a 45 degree anglethen as you get about 2 feet away turn a little harder and jump planting your foot on the wall,if the wall is to your right place your right foot and vise versa for the left,after your foot is planted thrust the dirction you want to run and add a bit of on upward push to help stay on the wall then after thrusting try to plant your other foot and repeat this as many times as your can/want. This is obviously tested and works,i do it all the time, just make sure you don’t try to side flip off the wall unless you want to get injured or your positive you can.

Happy wall running.


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